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You Remain (Worship Song)

A worship song about God's incomparable love. I'd love for this song to be a gift to the church. Feel free to use it in your church's worship. Feedback is also appreciated! Blessings!

Such a mystery,
We are all unclean
Yet You remain, among us!

Down through history,
Every sin you've seen
Yet You remain, among us!

Gathered in your name,
You are here Jesus
Reckoning us sinless,
You are beckoning us in

Here You are among us
You remain
The Rescuer and rescued ones
You remain
The Righteous and the wretched, reconciled
You remain

Written by Mark Marston & Jeromy Waunch
Download the lead sheet directly here:
King of Glory (Chris Tomlin Acoustic Cover)
Revelation Song (acoustic cover)

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Saturday, 21 May 2022